These are the richest and most exclusive communities in Miami

It is true that in the more expensive zip codes it is easy to find higher value properties in Miami. However, what else can we know about the richest and most exclusive communities in Miami?

As a real estate expert, my dialogue always revolves around selling real estate. Knowing what and where the best offers that can exist within these communities are is one of MIAMInmobiliario's priorities.

In this article, you will learn what the specific smaller gated communities are within Miami so that you can establish your future in a prosperous land with guarantees to protect your wealth when working with healthy budgets.

At MIAMInmobiliario we are familiar with managing high-value real estate in Miami, so we can provide you with solid benchmarks to smooth out the challenges that arise as you move up to higher price levels.

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Miami Beach - Indian Creek Island

It is known as Miami's multi-million dollar bunker. It houses only 40 properties on 250 acres. It is an island of 0,4 square miles, but at the same time it is one of the smallest, wealthiest and most elite neighborhoods in the United States. It's the home of the high-end - Forbes 100 CEOs, supermodels and Hollywood celebrities live here.

It provides a safe and private environment, whose police force patrols the island by boat, jeep and jet ski to guarantee comprehensive security 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The only entrance to the island is made by the bridge with the closest neighborhood of Bal Harbour.

The biggest drawback is finding a property available, since today there is only one sale on the market and there have been no real estate sales in the last four years.

Price range: $ 14,4M - $ 47M

Miami Beach - North Bay Rd (oceanfront lots)

North Bay Rd is considered by many to be the main street for residents of Miami Beach and, therefore, one of the richest and most exclusive communities in Miami. Very close to Lincoln Rd, Purdy Ave and other prime beach locations.

North Ray Rd is quiet and picturesque, quite a contrast to busy Alton Rd. Here you can find great houses with views across the coast and are on par with the houses on Hibiscus Island.

Price range: $ 7,5M - $ 45M

Miami Beach - Hibiscus Island

The Venetian Islands are made up of six artificial islands connected by a private road called the Venetian Causeway. These islands are located along Biscayne Bay and within easy reach of many entry points into Miami. A few minutes from these islands you can find luxury shops, art galleries, exquisite restaurants and a multitude of cultural events of the Downtown Miami, Brickell y Wynwood. Beachfront properties have a higher value.

Price range: $ 1,2M - $ 14M

Miami Beach - Star Island

This island is home to the richest and most famous. The only downside to this area is the presence of tourist boats that pass by to admire the enclave. Star Island is the place to find real estate of the highest level, especially at the ends of the island where you can find the largest lots.

Price range: $ 7,1M - $ 28M

The Venetian Islands

This is one of the most ambitious seaside neighborhoods in Miami. It is a hotspot for luxury buyers from the Northeast and California. These islands are popular for hosting numerous new oceanfront mansions. This is definitely a place to consider if you want to be in one of Miami's most exclusive neighborhoods.

Price range: $ 1M - $ 25M

Fisher Island

Fisher Island it was the 2018th most expensive ZIP code in the U.S. in XNUMX and the most expensive in Miami Dade.

With that said, you can find some of the most luxurious and exclusive condos on Fisher Island, but not the higher value single-family homes, since the lots and houses are not that large.

If you are looking for a high privacy condo setting, then go for Fisher Island. You need to take a ferry to get to the island, which has a 9-hole golf course, 18 tennis courts, beach clubs, and several restaurants that turn this private island into a private island in style.

Price range: $ 1M - $ 30M

Miami Beach - South of Fifth

Miami's main condo neighborhood is called South of Fifth. Among its reasons is the presence of the most established restaurants in Miami: Joe's Stone Crab and Prime 112.

Deprived of hotels and with a large number of residents, the most luxurious buildings are called Continuum, Apogee, Ocean House, 321 Ocean and Glass. And you can expect to pay between $ 2200 and $ 2700 per square foot.

Price range: $ 500K - $ 26M

Coral Gables - Gables Estates

This is one of the best, most private, richest and most exclusive communities in Miami that stands out for its large number of properties with direct ocean views (there are only 42 houses with direct ocean views in Miami). Leucadendra drive, Arvida Parkway and Casuarina Concourse are the main streets in this area of ​​Miami.

This is one of the few places where you can find a couple of acres of open water and it has the best schools in the State just minutes away. You'll also be able to enjoy a number of excellent golf courses, as well as the heart of Coconut Grove and Coral Gables. Looking for the best suburban living environment in Miami? Choose Coral Gables.

Price range: $ 5.9M - $ 43.7M

Coral Gables - Tahiti Beach

Can you imagine an ultra luxury community within an existing luxury community of cocoplum? This is not the kind of community you can drive through as you need a personal invitation from a resident just to get through the gate. In the same way as in Gables Estates, here you can find the privileged views of the ocean in open water.

Price range: $ 4.3M - $ 14.5M

Key Biscayne - Harbor Point / Mashta Island

It's a fact: There are only 42 beachfront homes with no obstructed views of the ocean. S Mashta Drive and Harbor Point are the two best streets where a 20,000 square foot lot can be priced at roughly $ 10 million and where you can find some surprisingly spectacular contemporary homes 10,000 square feet or more.

Why choose Key Biscayne? This 12 mile island is close to Brickell, Grove and Gables. A very self-contained island where even the youngest children can bike to the island's A-rated school; St Agnes. Island living at its finest without the excessive isolation!

Price range: $ 3M - $ 47M