Real Estate Scenario in South Florida

Third Quarter Report (Q3) – 2022

Understanding the current state of the South Florida real estate market is important if you are considering a real estate investment in this area. The state of Florida has many advantages, but being informed will help you make the right decisions for your financial goals.

The effects of the pandemic on the South Florida real estate market

Since the lockdowns that began more than two years ago, the South Florida real estate market has experienced unprecedented demand. This has resulted in rising prices and dwindling inventory. It was not until mid-2022 that the effects of the aggressive measures taken by the Federal Reserve to slow growth and inflation in housing prices began to be felt.

Due to the increase in interest rates and economic uncertainty, understanding the evolution of the South Florida real estate market is key to making the right decisions for the purchase of real estate in the fourth quarter of this year and towards 2023.

What is happening in Q3 in the South Florida real estate market?

During the third quarter, we have seen the South Florida real estate market maintain high home prices and faster deals.

Specifically, there are more investors or buyers buying property using cash (cash buyers) instead of using mortgage loans.

This has three advantages:

  • It allows them to bypass the high interest rates on home loans, which can be seen in general real estate market scenarios.
  • It allows them to close the deal more quickly.
  • And it can sometimes allow the buyer to benefit from an offer or discount on the final price.

In counties like Miami-Dade, and especially Boward County, single-family homes have increased in price over the third quarter (Q3) of 2021. However, by the fourth quarter of 2022 and beyond, prices may drop marginally due to to a slowdown in demand. This presents a unique opportunity for investors who can pay cash to secure a suitable property at a suitable price.

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Source: Q3 South Florida Real Estate Report.