Miami among the best luxury real estate markets in 2023

Miami real estate market luxury apartmentKnight Frank real estate recently made a report evaluating different luxury real estate markets. The report included a ranking of the cities with the best (and worst) projections for the sector.

In first place is Dubai, with a forecast price increase of 13,5% and in second place is the Miami real estate market, where it is estimated that there will be an increase of 5%.

According to this report, luxury investors should look to these cities for their future projects.
The report also suggests that this year we may face an economic slowdown, due to rising interest rates. Although this does not directly affect the luxury market, since it is more insulated from the effects of inflation, it will have an effect on the behavior of buyers.

Despite this, Miami remains an attractive destination for the wealthy, due to low tax rates and the increase in financial companies that have located in the South Florida area.

Luxury Real Estate Market

The report predicts that it will see an increase in "all cash" or cash purchases, since it is being an attractive method as opposed to mortgages, with their interest increases.
A luxury property is a good way to invest your money, especially since it provides a security away from the political fluctuations that have rocked America in recent years.

Do you want to know more about the original report? we leave you the link to the news in English.

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